William Campbell Gault (1910-1995)

American author. Born in Milwaukee in 1910. He was a prolific author,  known best as a writer of sports fiction for young adults and as a crime novelist.

He began his writing career by penning short stories for pulp magazines whilst working in a shoe factory. However he was soon so successful he gave up the day job and became a full time writer. When the pulp magazines began to die out Gault started working for the post office and also decided to try his hand at the private eye novel. He was to became a very popular novelist of the genre. His work was well-regarded and he won the Edgar Award for his crime novel
Don't Cry For Me.

When writing crime mysteries began to pall somewhat he turned to penning young adult sports stories. Amongst these novels was a racing story called
Gallant Colt. I think this was his only foray into equine territory in novel form, although he did write some magazine stories featuring racing (listed on the thrilling detective link).

Gault also wrote under a number of pseudonyms including Will Scott and Roney Duke.

Sources: Article from
Los Angeles Times, Dec 14th 1984, by David Laurence Wilson

Pony Books:

(DUTTON [USA] 1954)
Reprinted Dutton in hardback a few times in the 1950s/60s.
SUMMARY: Young adult racing story. Orphan Denny has found a seemingly perfect home when he is adopted by racehorse owner Colonel Randall and his wife. He loves the horses, especially the big dun Endeavour whom he thinks will be great, despite the colonel's misgivings. However when he is offered the chance to become Endeavour's jockey he decides to leave his home behind and set off with the horse's charming but feckless new owner Jeff Sutherland. Can Denny ride Endeavour to victory and also keep Jeff from blowing their chances with gambling or booze….?

Collector's Info:
Although not a particularly common title can be found without too much trouble in the USA, although not often with dust jacket. Much harder to find in the UK and elsewhere.